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Time to move on? Spesh.

Ngozi still didn’t get it!

It had been two weeks and yet, each time she came back to it she was baffled all over again. She wanted to respect James wish to stay away but anger burned within her. What would make her supposedly loving and caring husband, to abandon his family for this long? Did Iphey leave out something? Because it that was all there really was to the story, then she was disappointed. She thought their relationship was better, she felt the bond was strong enough that he could confide in her. But instead he'd lied to her for months, even before finally disappearing.

The memories of her sick son having a brush with death made angrier at James...the way she had suffered, running from place to place to make ends meet. The showdown with his family, the nights she had cried herself to sleep, the nights when she found solace in looking through his stuff; some documents, his TM Lewin shirts, his shoes. She always believed he was still alive somewhere and that he would surely come back for her. But now that she knew he had been in this lagos all this while, she was beginning to think that she was mistaken afterall.

“Mtsssss,” she hissed with all the energy in her. She sank into the cream sofa in her living room, still lost in thought.

She caught an image of herself in the adjourning mirrored wall.

“So, this is how I’ve become,” she said out loud as she looked closely. There was definitely a look of sadness in her eyes. Her once-upon-a-time model's body had shrunk with time. She was slimmer and looked darker. She noticed something in her eyes, stood and moved closer for a better view. She just couldn’t believe it but yes, there was a blood spot in her right eye. That was a new one.

"James, how could you?” she wailed in anguish, and then the tears came again. Just like the night with Iphey, she broke down, and let it all out. She sobbed uncontrollably for a while with her hands covering her puffy eyes and then she told herself to stop!

She wiped the tears and said “Ngozi,enough!!!” At that moment, she made up her mind. James wasn’t doing this to her anymore. She was a successful “single” mother, and a force to reckoned with when it came to gourmet cake making in Lagos. Her shop which was her garage was always bubbling with the high and mighty trouping in to check out her latest cup cake designs.

She had always loved baking and so her business was more like a hobby for her. She made sure she had the right things at affordable prices and she was supplied directly from the wholesalers which made her shop even more unique. Her mind diverted to Otunba’s side. Hmmm...that man was just too good to her.

A superior at her former office, he had stood by her through it all. James disappearance, her son's illnesses, her business. Otunba had really done well to help finance the expenses to start her up, but she had refused to remain indebted to him. She had insisted and actually paid up just a year after she started. That hadn't stopped his friendship. In fact, after Obi's near shave with death, he had proposed. He said she was the first woman to have ever made him feel this way since his late wife, but she thought his marriage proposal was just a way to entice her into an affair. Alas, she couldn't bring herself to 'cheat' on James.

To now find out that the man she had been keeping herself for did not even want to return to her. She shook her head vehemently and strode back to the sofa. One man couldn't do this to her. As much as she thought he was worth it, she had mourned him enough. If he didn't want her, it was time to move on.

She walked into her bedroom and hurriedly reached for her Louis Vuitton bag. She ransacked its contents for her W90i…her resolve began to weaken, but she caught herself, and dialed the number instead.

“Hello,” the masculine voice on the other end supplied.

“Hi,” she replied almost regretting the action, short of words.

“Are you still there?”

“Ehmmmmmm, yes...I...” her voice failed her again.

He must have decided to take over the conversation even though she had made the call.

“Ngozi, how are you?”

“Otunba, I really need to talk to you,” she said, hitting the nail on the head.

“Is anything the matter?” he asked with worry in his voice.

“No! but its important, I need to see you…..are you free this evening?”

“I am not even in town at the moment. I’m in Abuja for a business meeting, but I’ll come over once I get back.”

“When will that be,if I may ask?” she was getting impatient, and she just couldn’t hide it.

“I’m taking the last flight back today.”

“Okay, I guess it can wait……see you then.”

“Alright and please don’t panic. Whatever it is, we can handle it,” he replied affectionately.

She ended the call still not satisfied. Her thoughts just seemed disjointed……she wanted someone to convince her that this wasn’t happening.

Afterall she had been through? James had shown no remorse, had not even wanted to see her or talk to her. Her mind played back that fateful night on its own………

“I have to see him Iphey, I have to see him.” she had mumbled into her sister's shoulder.

“You will, we’ll find him” Iphey had said firmly.

But did she really want to find someone who didn't want to be found. Maybe it was time to start divorce proceedings and accept Otunba's offer. "It's just that I don’t want wahala with those his ajebo kids sha,” she thought to herself.

She was brought back to the present by the shrieking sound of the doorbell. Relunctantly,she walked to the door and peered through the peephole. She was taken aback by the sight of her mother on the other side of her front door.

“When were you going to tell me, eh?” Her mother charged at her with eyes filled with annoyance once Ngozi let her in. She dumped her overnighter just inside the door and marched to the sofa.

"Mama, please let me call Iphey. She's in the best position to tell you about it. She was the one that talked to him." Ngozi dialled her sister immediately. "Iphey, Mama is here. I think she's heard about his return..." She stumbled to a stop as she noticed her mother looking strangely at her.

"What has Iphey got to do with Otunba's proposal to you? Who did she speak with? Whose return?" The older woman walked back towards her in measured steps.

"You're not here about James?" Ngozi could have kicked herself. Her mother was standing right before her shaking her head.

"Tell Iphey to get over here now!"


So that's it folks. Yet another chapter of the story. There is a new character to play with and the meddling mother is back in the picture, lol. This is so dramatic that I'm almost tempted to write the next chapter myself but I'll desist. I think this calls for an audience vote for who will write the next chapter of the family showdown. If interested, please comment or send me an email with your ideas on what you think will happen in 50 words. These will be put up for readers to select their preferred choice.

Our contributor today is SPESH of Spesh's World. She is a hard working lady with a beautiful and big heart. She inspires me with both her words and actions. This is an excerpt from one of her poems;
"I love truly,
I love crazy.
I trust completely.
I dont do reservations.
I share with loyalty.
I give unconditionally.
I dnt wait to recieve...
But meet me half-way!"

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So the votes are in and more people by exactly one post want to see more of Ngozi, Iphey's sister. Hopefully, we'll find out what's up with Dapo and his sister in the later Chapters. Come Sunday, we'll know what Ngozi has been doing over the past two weeks, is she making any moves to find James, is her son OK and finally, why she is calling Iphey. Stay tuned.

PS, Have you heard of It's a collection of stories written by Nigerians for Nigerians. If you love naija stories go over and read. If you think you can write, send and email to info@ to become a contributor.

PPS, Have a great weekend all...

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Office Politics: Like a woman Neefemi

When Iphey woke up the next morning, she promised herself she was not going to bother about Dapo or his sister. They could call if they wanted but Chinedu was on her mind now. From the way Bisi had been behaving the last couple of weeks, Iphey realized that it was entirely possible that she had gone over to the Chinedu's House after getting the text from her, but why did he even open the door to her? What she felt right now was anger at herself. How stupid and naïve can I be? “I am a grown woman and I know better than to make childish mistakes like I did. Sending a message telling Bisi I was going to Chinedu’s house was probably the dumbest mistake, if there was ever one.” she murmured to herself as she got ready for work. She was hoping she could continue to avoid Bisi at the office.

The next Monday morning she walked in to the office looking better than she had in days. Over the weekend she had gotten a new hair cut that made her look considerably younger. Eyebrows done, nails done and she even got herself a massage. She was dressed in a grey tank top and red skirt with a black jacket complimented with red and grey shoes, red lipstick and nice silver earrings. She was determined that Bisi will not get the best of her today. Every day for the thief, one day for the owner. Today was her one day, no matter what Bisi said or did, she was going to continue being the bigger person. At least that was the plan.

She walked in with all the guys at work whistling at her. Tunde came over from Marketing to flirt as usual. She kept him at arm's length but was glad that she decided to make the decision to spend more effort on her looks. She saw Jane waving at her furiously and she quickly walked over.

“Haha Iphey, na you be this, you look good o, what’s the occasion? Is there something I should know?” Jane asked.

“No now Jane, I just decided to get myself out of this rut I have been in this past couple of weeks. With all that has been happening," Iphey thought of her sister and Obi and the whole episode with the still missing James. Her mother was still disturbing her about a husband, and it had become worse with Chinedu not working out as she hoped.

She continued speaking. "I have let myself go and forgotten myself. To be honest I would rather be on a vacation right now, so I can clear my head but I cannot afford it so I decided a makeover will have to do.”

“I feel you my sister, you have tried and you deserve it, you look really good," Jane replied. "But don’t let Bisi see you, I heard that she is leaving earlier than expected. We should be having a situational report from Ayo today. And I don't have to tell you the witch. Funmi is on the rampage, she is vexing because of her pet.”

“That’s the plan o, shey I will see you at lunch? We can go get Designer rice?” Iphey asked.

"Sure I will come get you then.” Jane said.

Iphey quickly walked over to her desk, managing to avoid both Funmi and Ayo. She was busy all day and didn’t even realize time had gone until she looked up to see it was 1.30pm. She needed to go use the bathroom before she stepped out for lunch. As she passed Funmi’s office, she noticed that the door was cracked open a little. Though she figured no one inside will be able to see her, still she was going to tiptoe across so no one noticed her.

“That Iphey girl walked right into that trap.” It was her Boss talking and Iphey stopped in her tracks. Funmi continued, "I know you've told me before but I like hearing about the expression on her face. I can't wait till I see it myself when she is sacked from here."

Bisi hissed, “Funmi I can have any man I want. Can you imagine Chinedu telling me he wants Iphey. What does she have that I don’t have, except my job now, the bitch cost me my damn job and then had the nerve to text me she was going to his house. She set herself up for that. I wish her more heart break sef.”

“I trust you girl, that was very smart of you, I tried to talk to Ayo to change his mind and he wouldn’t listen to me. Where is the Iphey girl gan? tell me she’s not here so I can have a reason for me to fire her now now!”

“I don’t know o, haven’t seen her today, I know she's avoiding me. She better!” They both laughed. “Wo let me go to the bathroom we will talk later,” Bisi said.

That was Iphey’s cue. She rushed into the bathroom stall and Bisi walked in half a minute later. She waited for Bisi to get done and then come out. Bisi saw her from the mirror and appeared shocked to see the fierce look on Iphey's face.

Iphey looked at her with disgust through the mirrors. “What have I ever done to you Bisi, I have barely worked here 6months and in that time I have treated you with all the respect you deserve. You were nice to me and I was naïve to think that I could trust you or call you a friend.”

"Iphey, now mind your words..." Bisi began.

Iphey cut her off. "People like you can’t prosper, because you don’t ever wish others good and are just selfish. Some people in this office warned me about you but I didn’t believe them. You seemed to be looking out for my interest both here and with Chinedu once you met him. So it was all a lie? Out of spite you went to Chinedu’s place so I could think you slept with him..."

"Who said I didn't?" Bisi blustered.

Iphey stared her down. "You know that is a lie. He is more trustworthy and honorable than that. He called me just before I sent you the text and it took me just over thirty minutes to get there. I was only taken by surprise that was why I reacted that way. Pride has been keeping me away but the scales have fallen from my eyes fully now. I am glad you have been fired, and I don't have to work here with you for much longer. Good riddance to you though I still wish you well.”

Iphey said all this and swiftly turned around to leave the room. She did not even give Bisi a chance to say anything. She didn’t even realize other people had walked into the bathroom. Jane and the another girl were standing by the door. They were smiling at her and Jane gave her a thumb up as she passed.

"I'll be waiting in the lobby for you." Iphey told her not stopping.

Whew!!! She was glad she got that out of her chest. Every day for the thief, one day for the owner and today was her day. The thought was barely out of her head before her phone began to ring.


That's it folks. Please vote on who you want on the phone and leave your comments too. Our contributor today is Neefemi at DIARY OF AN UNPAID INTERN. Neefemi is trying to lose weight through implementing a healthier life style filled with more physical activity. This is what she adds about the whole process;

"Now this is the physical. It’s useless if you are not emotionally and mentally baggage free, stress free. That’s the most important thing. I’m a very busy girl, I always have my hand in multiple projects at the same time, but I’m not one to keep anything in my mind. I also make sure to laugh a lot. I always write lol a lot. It’s because I almost always laugh out loud, for the silliest things too. Besides even when there is something to worry about, I remember I have a God that loves me and I pray (well pray always, but get my point)".

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Love from the Past. really? ... by Beautiful

*****Edited by Wordsmythe and Myne

“Some people jealous me, some people jealous me...”

Bisi sang as Iphey walked into the Ladies Room. They had both been avoiding each other at work and so far, there had been no confrontation. Iphey blanked Bisi and acted like there was no one else in the toilet as she freshened up.

It was already almost six and time for her date. Thinking about the date gave her the strength to totally ignore Bisi but it also brought thoughts of Chinedu to the forefront of her mind. She had tried to stop thinking about Chinedu since she’d spoken to Dapo and his sister but it had been impossible. She just couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“Well, all that will end now,” she whispered to herself.

Bisi stopped in her tracks as she walked out of the toilet and turned to Iphey.

“What did you say? Were you talking to me?” she asked.

Iphey pretended not to hear her, finished applying her lip gloss and brushed past on the way out.

“Nothing, nothing whatsoever will spoil my joy this evening,” she kept saying in her head.

The sound of her phone ringing startled her. Iphey picked it up expecting to see another caller id but instead she saw Aisha’s name on the screen. She was slightly irritated that it wasn't the number she was expecting but she took the call.


“Ahn ahn are we fighing? You can’t even say hello, all you’re saying is “uhum”?”

“Sorry jare, just that it should be Dapo’s sister calling me. It’s almost six thirty and she said she would be here by six, what do you think could be wrong?”

“Hehehehe haba babe, take am easy o, someone will think it’s even a guy you have a date with, they won’t know it’s his sister. Anyway sha, I assumed she would have come so I called to know where you guys decided on, you know I too like gist.”

“Gist monger!" Both girls laughed. "I will call you after I see her. At least make she first show cos me I dey hungry o. I go just vex go house...”

“Hahaha girl, why you dey deceive yourself? We both know you won’t leave there so sit your butt down and wait for her. Talk to you soon. Take care and have fun.”

Aisha hung up and Iphey continued browsing on the internet, all in a bid to while away time. Her mind began to drift and she recalled how excited she’d been when Dapo’s sister told her she would be coming to Iphey’s neighbourhood to pick up a delivery from someone. She had further said it would be nice to hang out and Iphey had said yes immediately.

Dapo’s sister had joyously said, ”so it’s a date!, cooool.”

Iphey wanted to hear all about Dapo. She was already anticipating his arrival. She was not sure how he would react to her so seeing Dapo’s sister would give her a heads-up on the situation. Now she could not help but think it might have been a test, maybe she’d been too hasty in her answer and had seemed desperate. Well the deed was done and she just had to live with it.

The truth was that she needed some distraction. On her own, she would think too much and the issue of Chinedu would crop up if she hung out with Aisha. She surely didn't want that. Iphey looked at her wristwatch, it was a quarter to seven already. She made a mental note to leave the office at 7:00p.m.

“Somethings are not just meant to be,” she told herself.

She decided to try Dapo’s sister’s number one more time. She had been trying it for over an hour now and it was switched off. She tried it again and got the same response, it was now a minute after seven. She was livid. She grabbed her bag and left the office.

As soon as she she got home, she went straight to the kitchen to make some Indomie chicken noodles. That was the fastest meal she could think of and she had barely eaten all day due to the excitement of the date with Dapo’s sister.

“Don’t break what’s left of my heart” by Banky W was playing on the television. She just smiled. She remembered Dapo singing that same song to her years ago. She asked herself now why she had never dated him but couldn’t find an answer. Her younger self had been playing hard to get unnecessarily.

The last memory she had of Dapo was of him walking out of her room. He had come to beg her that day as usual and she had once again said no to him. It was Valentine’s day and he had come with flowers, jewelry, a teddy bear and chocolates. She remembered the look in his eyes and the unspoken words they relayed. A familiar smell drew her out of her reverie.

“Oh no!” She jumped off the kitchen stool and took the lid off the pot. The noodles were burnt to the bottom of the pan. She just went to bed. Her phone rang, it was Aisha. Iphey couldn’t bear talking to her now as she felt like crying. She put her phone in silent mode and shut her eyes. Sleep proved difficult, and when she finally drifted off, the recurring dream came back.

This time, she looked right into the eyes of her mystery man.


And that's it folks. We got two entries for this part of the story so there'll be no votes on this one till after the next chapter. Don't you dare miss that one, lol, it's going to be up by Neefemi.

Our contributor today is Beautiful of PIECES OF ME, she's a very emotional romantic femme fatale who loves to belive she's heartless...*wink* I love the way she writes and this is from a poem on her blog.

"i miss that part of me
that part where you dwelled so comfortably
that part that knows your smell, touch , smile, voice
that part that can sense you a mile away
that part that yearns for you
that part that feels your lips after they have left mine
that part that believed strongly in love
that part that prayed for you
that part that never thought you'lld walk away
that part that's broken now
that part that doesn't exist anymore..."

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Update + A new Editor - The Wordsmythe

Hey people,

So the votes have come in and more people want to read about Iphey and Dapo. The next chapter from Beautiful will be up on Saturday.

In other news, a new Editor has joined the Cupid's Risk Series production team. Her blog name is The Wordsmythe and she has a place over on Wordpress. The Wordsmythe found out about this blog from another reader and came over to see. She's a voracious reader especially of love stories and fiction in general. She's also working towards writing a novel and is currently trying to get into the rhythm of regular writing.

Wordsmythe said she enjoyed reading the story so far and wanted to contribute as it is much less daunting than writing a whole book. More importantly, it would also be an excellent exercise in character and plot development. So she offered her services as a proof reader / copy editor for what's been written so far.

I took a look at her blog and some of her writings over there and welcomed her on board. She will do some editing and later on contribute a chapter or so while I concentrate on the production of the series. Below is her last blog post;


Before I had kids, I never really noticed how big or small people were. They were just people regardless of their size. Weight had never really been an issue for me as I grew up skinny. I could eat as much as I wanted and never put on weight. As a result, my father affectionately nicknamed me ‘Eat-and-grow-thin’, however, that all changed with having kids.

I gained more weight in pregnancy than I could ever have imagined (five stone/ 70lbs/ 32kg. And yes I know the figures in metric and imperial measurements!). This was in spite of maintaining my 4 times a week workout at the gym.

The books told me that on average, pregnant women put on between 25lbs and 35lbs. I was obviously the grand exception to that rule. The midwives constantly reassured me that I was healthy and didn’t need to worry about it as it would all drop off after child birth and with breastfeeding.

Alas! That was not the case either. I’ve had to work extremely hard for every pound of fat I’ve lost.

Read the complete story at The Wordsmythe Blog and leave comments too.


Please let me know your thoughts...Cheers!

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What the doctor Rene

Iphey opened the fridge and stared into it like it was a strange being. Finally she reached for a bottle of water. As she poured it into a glass, she looked at the clock. The time was 4:32am….strange! She'd never woken up this early before. Well at least for once she was following her doctor’s orders.

“You should drink a cup of water when you wake up every morning...”

She smiled as she remembered the way he'd said it and then was brought back to her dreams. They were strange and she couldn’t understand them. She'd never been one to put much stock by dreams but these ones were beginning to freak her out. The latest one felt all fuzzy as she tried to remember the details.

For the past few nights she’d been having the same dream but each day it got longer. A guy was in it, he'd stood at a distance and beckoned her to come closer. She had refused outright the first night. The second night he'd come closer, and even more the third night. Yesterday, something had obstructed them and they couldn’t reach each other no matter how much they tried. Today would make it the fifth night, and this time he'd spoken. He'd whispered her name.

Unlike the other times, she just couldn't go back to sleep when she woke up after the dream, no matter how hard she tried. She'd kept tossing and turning until she finally gave up and here she was on her sofa trying to decipher these strange dreams. Who could be the man in the dreams, it couldn't be Chinedu or could it? He had not tried calling her since that night; maybe he tried when she'd switched off her phone and then given up.

That night, she'd driven home trying not to think of what she had seen. He'd sounded so guilty, “Iphey I can explain…” Explain what? She'd thought over and over again. It was too late for a business meeting so she knew Bisi was not at his house with regard to the accounts they’ve been trying to get his people to open at their bank.

It could not be that Bisi was out to sabotage Nedu and her. She’d been encouraging right from the first time they discussed him. She tried to understand what had happened that night again, Bisi's attitude to her, the guilty look on his face. It just didn't add up. And to think she'd driven over there to declare her willingness to fully commit to the relationship. Iphey shook her head and hissed. She'd expected him to call the next day but it hadn't happened. More than a week later, no calls, no messages, nothing!

The sound of her ringtone brought her back...5:27am…who could be calling this early on a Saturday morning? She looked at the phone, no caller ID, strange! She decided to pick it up, she was tired of hearing herself think, and anybody’s voice would help her right now.

“Hello, who’s this...speaking…? Are you kidding me…I cannot believe this, you called me, so you still remember me….WOW!...when?......are you serious?....” After almost an hour on the phone, she finally said bye, but not without a number. She quickly added the number to her contact and added the PIN on her blackberry messenger. She was still learning how to use the phone; she'd got it at her most recent session of retail therapy two days ago, not that it had helped her.

Feeling really pumped, she called Aisha.

“You’ll never believe who just called me...Oh! I’m so sorry, I forgot it was so early. I shouldn't have called…anyways, guess who called…no…no…I’ll tell you when you come later today…I’ll make breakfast…no I won’t tell you, not until you come…just go back to sleep…my fault! Sorry for disturbing you and TJ…yeah! Yeah! Bye…I said bye….when you come I’ll tell you.”

8:53 AM

“Girl you’re fast o…you like gist too much shaaa! I didn't think you would show till like 9-10...”

“You offered me the perfect combination…gist and food…how could I waste time on that? I discharged TJ with cereals and here I am.” Aisha flopped down on the settee.

“I never shower and food never ready finish…shey you fit help me look after am? Make I go brush.”

9:15 AM

“You remember that time in school when I had this mad crush on Dapo? The one with the fine janded sister that all the guys were trying to get with…I mean Dapo Smith.”

“Don’t tell me you woke me up, made me rush to your place, all for one stale gist. The guy dumped you after chasing you madly for two months. He left for the States and didn’t even tell you and that was what? Two, three years ago?”

“I know…I know…"

"So where's the gist?"

"His sister called and I spoke to him...he's coming back this month and he wants to meet…can you imagine?”

Iphey launched into full details. Aisha asked her what she was doing awake when she got the call and Iphey told her about the dreams. But with the excitement of hearing from Dapo after all these years, the conversation moved back to him, to their school adventures and flings.

Aisha made a note of not asking or reminding her about Chinedu, knowing that Iphey would talk in her own time. Maybe the distraction of an old flame was just what the doctor ordered for Iphey. The dreams showed she'd been fretting about the situation with Chinedu. The day after the botched trip, Aisha had pressed Iphey for details but her friend's reaction had cut the discussion short.

Aisha had seen Chinedu earlier this week and he too hadn’t said anything about it, it was like that night never happened but it had been less than a week! She knew Iphey really liked Chinedu and he felt the same. She considered herself their fairy godmother and would make sure they gave this a real try. Maybe with Dapo coming back, she would find a way of telling Chinedu about his competition. Nothing like jealousy to make the sparks fly.

Hmm...April wasn’t so far again!


So who's our contributor? RENE writes faction and fictional series on her blog Cuppy Cakes and has a story collection she's working on. Here's little ranting from her last post.

"Now, for a struggling size 0/1 individual like me who think she's too thin and trying to reach a size 3, all these things bruise my ego(i Kid) but they annoy me because everywhere I turn it's always about loose weight fast! Blah! Blah! Blah! It's never about add a little pounds in 30 days. I eat a lot like literally so saying that wouldn't help me reach a 3 and since I got to this country(well maybe long before that) I've been alternating between 48 kg and 51 kg(of which I think most is bone mass) for several years now! I know some people will go "oh! I wish I had your body, I would never complain" WRONG!"

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SEASON TWO: Number deleted... by Myne

Over the years in his life, Chinedu had learnt one policy. He never pursued something he couldn't let go of whenever the moment demanded it. So now he scrolled to Iphey's name and chose the option to delete. He hesitated, and then he pressed on the button. The phone asked him if he was sure he wanted to delete that contact and all their details. He closed his eyes and...

The ring tone to his phone startled him and had his eyes flying open to the phone in his hands. Chinedu glanced quickly at the screen, his heart beginning to race once again. It was Habib's new number.

"Hello?" His tone was dull.

"Hey Nedu, what's up my guy?"

"I'm at home, where else do you expect?"

"Dude!" Habib's voice was surprised. "What's the deal? Wetin I do you?"

Chinedu forced himself to laugh. "Sorry dude, na just some wahala with Iphey."

"You and this Iphey babe. It's nearly three months since you start to chase that girl." Habib laughed, "always one palava after the other. You go out today, tomorrow you're not talking. If it's not your past, it's her boss. What is it this time?"

Chinedu laughed at himself and the situation. It really was funny. The truth was that he'd had relationships - if he could call them that - that lasted less than three months. This thing he had with Iphey had just been messing with his head. He determined to delete the number immediately after this and he would tell Aisha it was over if she ever asked.

"Let's not talk about it, I think I'm done." Chinedu sank down on the sofa behind him and leaned back against it. "What did you call to tell me?"

Habib paused for some seconds, "Are you sure, dude? I can talk if you want."

"No's fine. I don make my decision."

"OK..." His friend drawled and Chinedu visualized him rolling his shoulders in his typical shrug before he continued. "Did I mention I am now embedded in your old area?"

"What are you doing in Ajegunle?!" Chinedu sprang up from the sofa as though burnt. That part of Lagos did not have very good memories for him. His parents had moved away more than ten years ago and he had not been back there since. He missed some of his old friends but the thought of the people he'd pissed off kept him firmly away.

"Relax dude, I'm not asking you to come down here." Habib chuckled. "It's part of the job I told you about and nobody knows of the connection between us."

Chinedu breathed easier. Habib was his closest friend and know more of his past than any other person. He also reminded himself that Habib was a trained operative of the EFCC and could take care of himself. Still he couldn't shake the dark sensation that crawled over his skin.

"I thought you said it was Mushin?" he murmured. "Anyway, promise me you'll be careful."

"Of course I will dude." Habib laughed. "I'm not so sure about this new guy I'll be working with sha..."

"You got a partner?"

"No, I just met this guy. He was introduced as my neighbor and it turns out he knows some people I'm working on. Some illegal gambling and loan networks on the Island. This is sure going to be interesting."

"Habib, I know you live for such thrills but believe me, you don't want to get on the wrong side of those kind of people."

Habib laughed. "I know and that's why I called you. I want you to be more careful now so you can remain in the loop. The information you continue to give us is very useful. And keep an eye on Aisha for me OK? "

"No problem. She actually called tonight to complain to me about you."

"Well dude, call her more often because I don't want her number on this new phone in case it falls in the wrong hands."

Chinedu sighed, "I will sure breathe easier when you guys complete this job successfully."

"With this new dude, his name is James, it might take less than the expected six weeks."

"Keep me posted, and be safe."

"Roger, will do. Over and out." Habib hung up his end.

Chinedu shook his head as he pressed the exit call button. Habib will play cops and robbers even on his deathbed. He looked at his screen and it had gone back to delete number. He pressed yes.


So people, we're back! Season two of Cupid's Risk is off with a bang! As usual, say what you think here in the comments and then vote for the chapter you want to see next.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

About this Series

The Cupid' Risk series was borne out of an idea I came up with in a discussion with my SO. I had read some serial stories on blogville and sometimes wished they could have gone a different way. We wanted to produce a story where the readers were involved and had a say in the direction of the plot.

I also did not feel it necessary to restrict it to some particular people. We are all writers, that is why we blog, and many of us can spin a decent tale. So I threw it out there and the response was so encouraging and effusive that we got through a season in two months with 20 chapters. This time it is season two and more is expected from the story and from all of us.

The interactive story follows the adventures of a 25 year old Iphey who is only 6months gone in her bank job. Her love interest is Chinedu, an engineer with a shady past. It also turns out that Iphey's missing brother in-law had abandoned his family in dire straits.

Romance or mystery, thriller or action, you determine what goes on!

If you're new, welcome. Please enjoy and remember to vote and leave comments on what you want to see in YOUR story. The top tabs will help you get around the site. There is Season one and two, and also the archives for the complete story so far. Contributors are listed as well as the characters that have appeared in the series. To contribute, please use the submissions button for quick attention.

The latest chapter is just below. Sit back, relax and let’s have fun, cheers.

Myne Whitman.